See what college faculty are saying about Amelia's workshops . . .

Amelia is engaging from start to finish. She knows exactly what we all struggle with as educators of at risk students and provides on point approaches to creating a family atmosphere in the classroom.
— Sara Main, Math Faculty
You are a complete gift. Every workshop I take of yours has improved me both as a teacher and a person. Thank you for teaching understanding and compassion.
— Janet Bartholomew, Writing Faculty
A thought-provoking discussion of cultural and economic differences impacting student-teacher interactions.
— George Bartus
Walking along side people of color, understanding their pain, motivating and reaching to move young people beyond poverty has offered Amelia the skills to tap into the historical and present day experiences of African American students. With her leadership and a track record of student success Amelia continues with astounding retention rates, lifelong student successes, creative meaningful curriculum development, and keen perceptions of individual student needs have been her continual legacy as an educator.
— Dr. Mary C. Belknap
It is the best 2 hrs. of PD since I’ve been a teacher (2003)! Must hear info. You need to take this nationwide & patent it! No wonder your students love you!
— Lynn Vandenbusche, Nursing Instructor
Thank you for the helpful information. Your presentation was insightful and honest. I feel better equipped to handle difficult situations in my classrooms.
— Greg Severance, Professor of Mathematics and Engineering Sciences
I appreciate you. You reenergize my commitment to my students. This semester has been tougher than normal, so thank you for reaffirming what works.
— Kim McKeown, Reading & Writing Faculty
It provides a different perspective on the source of negative behaviors and offers up some solutions as well!
— Edwin C. Fogarty
Classroom management is about caring for people. It’s about building relationships before major problems take place.
— Marcia Cole, Adjunct Reading Faculty

See what K-12 faculty are saying about Amelia's workshops . . .

I have a degree in Sociology & learned more here than I learned for my degree.
— Jessica Van Dusen, Middle School Math Teacher
Loved, loved, loved the way you presented the “solutions” to the students’ “problems.”
Love what you do & thank you for taking the time to understand such a misunderstood population.
— Kendra Henry, School Social Worker
Your presentation brought some issues I have with students into a new light.
— Wendy Warbritton, Special Education Teacher
Your presentation and demeanor make the information intriguing.
— Anonymous Workshop Participant
Amelia you are sooo inspirational. I wish all my teachers when I was growing up were like you! You communicate your passion for reading well, and I am excited to try your ideas!
— Anonymous Workshop Participant
You were extremely clear, good speed, change of pace, etc. that kept us on task but not hurried or bored.
— Anonymous Workshop Participant